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Now all timeshare contracts are different, so these are simply general guidelines to give you a starting point. A Timeshare Expert will also reach out to help form a custom strategy to getting out of that timeshare you don't want forever.

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What is Timeshatter?

We started Timeshatter because we're sick of the stuff timeshare companies get away with.  We think they are scum of the earth, and that anyone should be able to get out of their timeshare on reasonable terms.

However, many of the 'timeshare exit companies' are misleading or even downright scams.

So we started Timeshatter to help you find an option that will get you out of your godforsaken timeshare and free to live your life as you please.

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“The book from Timeshatter was SO insightful and the person they set me up with was so helpful. I'm saving thousands off this timeshare that I never use and been paying for 10+ years now. Thank you so much, I owe you big time!”

George C.

“I never thought it was even possible to 'exit a timeshare' until I heard about Timeshatter. I thought I'd be stuck with this stupid thing til I die! Now I have much more money in the bank and much less stress.”

Lynda B.

“If you have a timeshare right now you should call these people! I cannot believe I'm free! Call Timeshatter no questions asked.”

Brenda M.

You can try, but unfortunately, most people don't want your timeshare any more than you do. At best, you'll be able to sell it for pennies on eBay.

There are a lot of companies out there promising to get you out of your timeshare, yet they only end up ruining your credit score. Stay away from these scams! In our guide, we'll detail the options you can use from legal loopholes to negotation to timeshare exit programs.

Unfortunately, if you merely stop paying them, you'll damage your credit and be sent to collections. This is a black mark on your record you don't want, not to mention all the harrassing phone calls you'll get from debt collectors. We highly advise against this without speaking to an expert first.

A 15 Step Guide to Disputing and Canceling Your Timeshare